If your child is to be away from the school please ring the office between 8.30am and 9.00am. Upon enrolment, Parents are given the opportunity to load the Skool Loop app onto their phones. On that there is an absentee link straight to the school office email. Alternatively, please email office@kahutara.school.nz

If your child is away for five consecutive school days, a medical certificate will be required.

If your child will be absent for more than four consecutive days for a non-health reason the Principal will have to be notified prior to the absence.

We request that during the week you keep a firm control on bedtimes, tired children do not learn or make progress as quickly as they should. Do be sure that your child is fit to attend school.

Contact Us

Kahutara Primary School
990 Kahutara Road
RD1 Featherston, 5771
New Zealand

Phone: 06 308 8427
Email: office@kahutara.school.nz

Staff Contacts

Liz McCreary (Office)

8.30am – 1pm Monday, Tuesday

8:30am – 3pm Wednesday, Thursday


Katrina Hampton (Principal)


Michael Munro


Inga Munro


Brooke Sims


Isabel Bridgman


Lara Hooper