General Information

The school newsletter is distributed fortnightly through the oldest attending child in the family.

The school has a procedure on discipline, this includes the time spent on buses, and is available from the school office.

Lost property is displayed to the school at the end of each term. Unclaimed items are donated to a charity.

Your child can have a hot lunch. They will need to bring the item, foil wrapped, and placed in the bin inside the office door in the morning.

We have an excellent library that the children are encouraged to use. Each class has a regular day for library use. Parents will be charged for lost or damaged books.

The School has a Winter and Summer sign up day where all information is shared from local sports clubs. We have a clear policy to encourage all students to participate in the sport of their choice.

Emergency Planning for Schools

Emergencies can happen at any time. Our school is prepared and has a plan in place to respond to emergencies to minimise the effect to students and staff.

This plan was developed in collaboration with the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office, and full details can be found here.

2022 Financial Statements

It is a requirement of the Ministry of Education that we publish our Annual Financial Statements on our school website. If you would like to view these, you can do so by clicking here.

Contact Us

Kahutara Primary School
990 Kahutara Road
RD1 Featherston, 5771
New Zealand

Phone: 06 308 8427

Staff Contacts

Liz McCreary (Office)

8.30am – 1pm Monday, Tuesday

8:30am – 3pm Wednesday, Thursday

Katrina Hampton (Principal)

Nycki Proctor (Deputy Principal)

Michael Munro

Inga Munro

Sarah Howe

Brooke van den Beuken

Isabel Bridgman

Lara Hooper